Top 3 iPhone Battery Saving Tips 🔋

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Battery issues are something everyone has experiences with. For this blog I'll show you my personal favorite battery saving tips. Regardless, of the iOS version, they all apply. If you believe none of these tips helped you. Your battery healthy may be in very poor condition. Our service provides iPhone Repair services at your door including battery replacement starting at $45 . If battery is 70% or lower, it's in poor condition. To check your battery health do the following steps

Settings>Battery>Battery Health

1. Turn off background app refresh

Reason background app refresh is on by default is because the iPhone is constantly fetching data from all of the apps listed. I recommend to turn off the apps you mostly wouldn't receive notifications on. To turn off background app refresh do the following steps:

Settings>General>Background app Refresh> Disable Off or select app(s)

2. Purchase a battery case instead of portable charger

If you find yourself always being at 1% during the middle of the day. Then our portable charger is the best option for those who don't enjoy caring an extra battery. Don't be fooled, your low battery performance can also be due to low battery health. To check you battery health do the following steps:

Settings>Battery>Battery Healthy

Note: If battery health result is 70% or lower, you should consider replacement.

3. Stop Motion & Animation

Using animations when you open apps, unlock phone, and moving icons (parallax effect) are battery draining. This feature is the one that's the easiest to live without.

Settings>General> Accessibility> Reduce Motion