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At GelatoTech, we work overtime to provide our customers the best quality parts and the best price we can get from the phone repair industry.
This is why we have 4 different types of screens, providing you the best service we can deliver!



Aftermarket OX7 is the best third party manufactured replacement part sourced from the factories. We do not have direct involvement in the engineering of the replacement part. However, our sourcing team has thoroughly tested each replacement part before purchase. We guarantee the overall quality will be better than any other vendor due to our rigorous testing.


Aftermarket AQ7 is a third party manufactured replacement part with a lower cost component in it, still thoroughly and rigorously tested by our sourcing team. It usually allows our customers to have access to a less expensive part.


Genuine OEM parts are replacement parts that come from a device OEM. We currently distribute LG OEM Genuine replacement parts.


A refurbished part means it has been reconditioned, repaired, rehabilitated, or similar to restore the replacement part to its original purpose.

For more information about the parts we provide, feel free to contact us via email or phone.

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