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How much will an iPhone screen repair cost you in San Francisco?

by jamesmash on March 17, 2020

Is Apple Care Worth it?

About AppleCare

iPhone hardware has a 1-year limited warranty. To get your iPhone screen repaired or other accidental damage related repairs done in San Francisco or any other area where Apple has presence, you need extended warranty coverage. Apple has AppleCare+, an extended warranty, and technical support service plan. AppleCare+ plan can be bought when buying your iPhone or within 60 days of purchasing an iPhone.

AppleCare iPhone repair cost for different iPhones

AppleCare costs vary depending on the iPhone model. Here’s a summary of the cost of coverage for you to decide if AppleCare is worth it.

  • I. AppleCare+ costs $199 for iPhone 7 or 8
  • II. AppleCare+ cost $229 for iPhone 11, XR, 8 plus, or 7 plus
  • III. Apple Care+ cost $269 for iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS, or XS max

What’s more, AppleCare+ coverage only covers a maximum of two accidental damage incidents every two years. Given phone screen damage is the most common type of phone damage, buying AppleCare+ doesn’t offer ultimate protection from expensive iPhone screen repair costs if you have more than two incidents in 24 months. Furthermore, every incident is subjected to service fees and applicable tax, and you have to endure long waiting times.

What about iPhone screen repair costs without AppleCare?

If you damage your iPhone screen, but you don't have AppleCare coverage, the cost of repairs is much higher. Apple will charge you the following to repair your iPhone screen, depending on your phone model.

  • $329 to repair iPhone XS Max or iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • $279 to repair iPhones X, XS, or 11 pro
  • $199 to repair iPhones 11 or XR
  • $169 to repair iPhones 6s Plus, 7 Plus or 8 Plus
  • $149 to repair iPhones 6 Plus, 6s, 8 or 7
  • $129 to repair iPhone 6

If cost and quality are an issue and you live in sf, you need to look harder for great affordable iPhone repair services. That's where Gelatotech comes in.

Fix your iPhone screen with Gelatotech in San Francisco and enjoy unmatched savings

With repair costs ranging from $79 for an iPhone 6 screen repair and $99 for an iPhone 8 screen repair, even with a shattered iPhone screen, it's obvious why you should overlook AppleCare+ and choose Gelatotech, a mobile iPhone repair services based in San Francisco.

The Gelatotech Advantage: Why should you choose Gelatotech?
  • i. Great pricing: iPhone screen repair costs start at $79 for the iPhone 6. This is almost half the cost it takes Apple to repair the same phone screen, and the cost covers all kinds of screen repairs, including shattered screen damage. What's more, the pricing is up-front with no hidden fees. Unlike other iPhone screen repair services, Gelatotech prices are beyond fair, considering the repairs come with a FREE 90 day warranty on the service and parts.

  • ii. No waiting line: Gelatotech brings iPhone screen repair services to you. Unlike AppleCare+, where you must visit an Apple store or AppleCare+ service center and endure long waiting lines, Gelatotech technicians come to you the same day you request for iPhone repair San Francisco.

  • iii. Incredibly fast and reliable service: Gelatotech repairs iPhone screens within 15 minutes, and you don't need to take the company's word for it. There are verifiable online customer reviews on Google and Yelp to verify this. You can get 1st hand information on what it means to get your iPhone repairs done by Gelatotech from past and present customers who have reviewed the service.

  • To get your iPhone repair, simply schedule repair online within seconds or CALL (415) 621-9055 and book your preferred location and time. Gelatotech phone screen repair services are available everyday between 10am and 6 pm, and technicians will repair your iPhone on the spot inside Galototech's eco-friendly smart cars. Gelatotech confirms repair service bookings within an hour and delivers same-day services.

  • iv. 90 day warranty: Gelatotech is also one of the few mobile phone repair services that offer a 90 day warranty on screen repairs. The services is risk-FREE. In the unlikely event that your screen malfunctions after repair, you can get a new screen or the required service at ZERO cost.

  • v. Quality parts: Gelatotech’s 90 day warranty on screen repairs is a testament that customers get quality parts only. iPhone repair sf services that install fake iPhone parts can’t have the audacity to guarantee such parts and the repair services they offer.

  • vi. Unmatched service variety: Besides repairing iPhone screens, Gelatotech also offers many other mobile iPhone repair services that include but aren’t limited to replacing iPhone batteries and charging ports. You can also get iPhone water damage repair services and contact Gelatotech’s 24/7 support team if you have any iPhone problems that may not be listed online.

  • vii. Minimal downtime: Gelatotech has also structured repair services to ensure you never stay offline for long. With repair services coming to you and repairs taking 15 minutes or less, you won't miss important calls, emails, or connections as much as you would if with Apple, which has a long waiting time. You can forget about the inconvenience of being disconnected for days or taking time off work to visit an iPhone repair shop.
About Gelatotech

Gelatotech is a mobile iPhone Repair service based in San Francisco. The company offers a wide range of iPhone repair services such as screen repair, iPhone battery replacement, iPhone charging port replacement, iPhone data recovery, iPhone logic board repair, and iPhone water damage services.

Gelatotech specializes in iPhone Repair, MacBook Repair and iPad repair as well as Google Pixel repair, and Samsung repair. The aim of the service is to save you time and money when you need your iPhone, MacBook, iPad, Google Pixel, or Samsung repaired. You shouldn't waste money and time on AppleCare+ that is restricted to Apple stores and service centers only. What's more, it's not recommendable to trust other services that can't be verified online.

Book iPhone repair near me services online NOW or call (415) 621-9055 to arrange an appointment with a phone repair service rated five stars in Yelp & Google.